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Parkview Poodles


MBISS GCHS Dulcinea Creole Voodoo Queen

#11 Standard poodle in the USA in 2017

My Mission

To breed standard poodles for structural soundness, temperament, beauty, and intelligence. But most importantly to breed happy, healthy pets.

About Parkview Poodles

Parkview Poodles - My name is Margaret "Peggy" Provost and I am a small, home based poodle breeder. As a retired Registered Nurse, I found a lot of extra time on my hands. As a hobby, I started showing Standard Poodles and have absolutely fallen in love with every aspect of poodles. They are the most versatile dog I have ever encountered, excelling from the couch to the hunting field!  

Fun pics


He started retrieving early


She also loves to Retrieve


Come on Marie, you have to get out of bed!

Poodles are truly a family centered dog.  They love being around their humans and will not thrive chained outside.  They need to be able to run!  They require regular grooming, starting at a very early age.  Poodles make incredible service dogs, hunting dogs, agility and/or obedience competition dogs.  They are highly intelligent!

Poodles come in 3 AKC recognized sizes.  Toy which is up to 10 inches, Miniature which is between 11 to 15 inches, and Standard which over 15 inches, but are normally 20 inches or taller.  If someone is advertising "teacup", Moyen, Royal, etc, watch out for them.  Those size descriptions are ploys.  

I do not doodle anything!  Please do not contact me for stud service for doodles.  I find it incredible that so many people doodle all kinds of mixes.  What is the common denominator?  A poodle.  Why not just get a poodle?  They are an all around do anything type of dog with a size to fit anyone's lifestyle.     

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